The Van Buren County Sheriff Office is tasked with the tough responsibility of law enforcement in our territory. It is a demanding job to be able to manage the daily challenges presented to our units. In the name of transparency and accountability, we will allow you to take a closer look at our organization, culture, history, personnel, responsibilities, and the challenges and issues that we face as we strive to maintain order in our communities. All of these factors affect and shape the work that we do and the direction that we want to pursue in the future.

Just like any organizations, the Van Buren County Sheriff Office faces different challenges as we perform our responsibilities and reach our goals. The critical issues that we face are personnel turnover rate, reduced administrative budget, challenges in our organizational culture, and politics. For instance, we have a high personnel turnover rate because of the big number of retiring officers. We need more professional and experienced service men and women in our team. It is also no secret that politics have tainted the Van Buren County Sheriff Office right from its beginnings. When local government officials have different political views, they may not collaborate to act on common issues and concerns that could serve the public better and ensure security in the lands they protect. However, we do our best to be non-partisan and urge everyone to participate in our crime prevention and community development efforts. All of these factors affect our performance whether we like it or not. But we have to make the best out of every situation and make do with what we have. We also ask for your support and assistance so that we can do our job effectively and efficiently. At the end of the day, we want to reassure everyone that we remain committed to giving our best in ensuring peace and security in our land.

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