The Van Buren County Jail is a correctional facility for law offenders. The Van Buren County Sheriff Office believes in and upholds the rights and dignity of our inmates. We make sure that they have safe and decent living conditions. We assure everyone that our facility is in compliance with state and federal rules for jail management. Our county jail has the capacity to house 158 inmates. We are presently working to expand our capacity by renovating the second wing of our building. Operations to house and rehabilitate incarcerated individuals take up one-fourth of the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office’s annual budget which shows our commitment to providing our inmates with the best corrective programs and services and ensure an educational and reforming experience for them.

The Van Buren County Jail is committed to offering the safest facilities and best rehabilitative services to our inmates so that they can be given a second chance in life. We believe that we should all work hand in hand for a genuine restorative justice system where incarcerated individuals can be reformed and given an opportunity to be a productive member of the society while serving his or her term and most importantly when it is time to face the outside world once again.

Visiting hours for inmates in the Van Buren County Jail are every Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon to 4 in the afternoon. Inmates can receive mails and donated items. We also offer different programs and services for our inmates such as adult basic education, church services, recreation, medical services, mental health services, alternative livelihood program, substance abuse programs, and family care. We want to make sure that they continue their development as individuals even if they are inside the jail premises. We also begin efforts for community reintegration once they are released from jail so that they can be productive citizens of our country.

The Van Buren County Jail can be contacted at 269-657-2201. It is currently under the supervision of Lt. Chris Baker.

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