Community policing is an essential partnership between the police and the community. The Van Buren County Sheriff Office collaborates with the community members, nonprofit organizations, businesses, media, and other government agencies in making strategies and policies that effectively respond to public safety concerns. We all have a shared responsibility for identifying, monitoring and evaluating community issues that have an impact on community safety and order. Together, we can reduce fear and crime incidence in the communities of Van Buren County and see improved quality of life in the neighborhoods.

Our goals at the Van Buren County Sheriff Office on community policing include improving front desk service, reduction of the homeless, increase community involvement in crime reduction efforts, emergency preparedness, enhance the use of electronic and social media, and address different community issues. The sheriff and community members discuss and prioritize security concerns and take proactive measures to solve these issues. This definition is aligned with the U.S. Department of Justice’s definition of community policing and its three key components of organizational transformation, community partnerships, and problem-solving. By engaging different stakeholders in the community, the Van Buren County Sheriff Office can earn their trust and participation in crime prevention and community development.

Fighting crime is not just a duty of Van Buren County Sheriff Office but also of the entire community. Community policing reinforces this principle by making everyone involved in the whole process of crime prevention and not just when the crime is already imminent. In fact, community policing is about coming up with proactive measures to prevent crime and address other social concerns. When the citizens’ participation is valued, it creates an atmosphere of trust and transparency in the system thus fostering a healthy and positive relationship between the police and the community members that they serve. That is why we encourage everyone to participate in our community policing. Together, we can keep our county peaceful and safe.

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