Van Buren County Sheriff

Welcome to Van Buren County Sheriff website

This is the official website of your Van Buren County Sheriff. It is the duty and responsibility of this good office to serve the people of Van Buren County by ensuring peace, safety, and order in our land.

As your county sheriff, our office is here to provide you with all the information you need to help keep you safe from any kind of harm. We encourage you to browse through our pages for the information you need to know about crime prevention, law enforcement, and our criminal justice system. We will keep you updated with the latest news in our county and modus operandi that criminals are up to so that you can be vigilant. Check our Wanted List to get pertinent information about the criminals that we are actively looking for so that we can apply the full force of the law on these offenders. We also offer reference materials on safety tips during emergency situations, disaster risk reduction and management, boating safety, women’s and children’s rights, gun ownership, and other valuable information regarding public safety. Your Van Buren County Sheriff Office wants to make sure that you can leave your garage doors in Albuquerque, NM open and no harm will befall your beloved household.

Your Van Buren County Sheriff Office is composed of several departments. We have the Administration Department, Uniform Division, Corrections Department, Dispatch Center, Investigative Services, Youth and Community Services, Domestic Preparedness Unit, and Special Services. All of these units work hand in hand to ensure that our sheriff office is on top of every local situation and that peace and order rule in our territory. We are working hard to monitor our county’s land, water, and air to make certain that all aspects of our territory are protected from any kind of harm, from any person or group or force of nature.

The office of the Van Buren County Sheriff is committed to providing leadership in our territory and coordinating with other agencies and officials of the state of Michigan to enforce the law and keep our communities safe. Our members are professionally trained to safeguard the rights and dignity of every citizen of our land. We exert all our effort to fight crimes. But we know that we cannot do it alone. We need the help of each and every member of our community. That is why we encourage you to work with our office for the good of our county. You can submit an anonymous tip to us for any leads that you want us to investigate. Witnesses will be given full protection. You can also join our Community Police. Or if you have the calling for this vocation, come and join us in the Van Buren County Sheriff Office. It would be our honor to serve with you.

Your county sheriff assures each of you that the Van Buren County Sheriff is open to all who seek our assistance. Please do not hesitate to approach us if there is anything that we can help you with. Together, we can make Van Buren County a safe place for all.